Swedish Massage - 62 $ / 60 minutes, 85 $ / 90 minutes Swedish Massage

Composed of several operations applied to the tendons and the muscular mass.
Helps dissolve tensions, improves blood circulation by encouraging the blood supply to return to the heart and relieves pain. Supports relaxation and makes the muscles more flexible.

Shiatsu Massage - 62 $ / 60 minutes Shiatsu Massage

Le massage shiatsu s'exécute au sol sur un futon. Il s'effectue sans huile, sur les vêtements, qui doivent être confortables.

Shiatsu massage is done on the floor, on a mat or a futon. It is done without oil, directly on top of the clothing, which should be comfortable and loose fitting.

This type of massage is helpful in eliminating stress, curing insomnia, and encourages the natural healing process of the body.
This energizing form of massage will:

  • Restore the natural vitality of the body
  • Regulate the hormonal system, and blood and lymphatic liquid circulation
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Relax muscular tension
Hot Stone Massage - 75 $ / 60 minutes, 100 $ / 90 minutes Hot Stone Massage

This type of massage uses smooth, round basalt stones as a massage instrument. The stones are applied to key points on the body for a few seconds at time during the course of the massage.

The hot stones bring forth the energy of the earth, warming the muscles, causing tensions to dissolve. The hot stones help to relieve pain and improve blood circulation.

The cooled stones are usually re-applied at the end of the massage session to cool inflammation areas on the body and to tighten pores.

Rain Massage - 55 $ / 30 minutes, 85 $ / 50 minutes Rain Massage

While on the massage table, your body is caressed by a fine, warm spray of rain, dispensed from a series of shower heads aligning the body. The massage therapist performs the appropriate massage techniques at the same time.

In addition to stimulating muscle tone, this technique also improves the equilibrium of the nervous system and provides an unequalled feeling of relaxation.

Tensions and worries are washed away with the gently flowing water. The end result is a feeling of well being and renewal.

Four-Hand Massage - 100 $ / 60 minutes Four-Hand Massage

This massage is done by two massage therapists working together, using slow and synchronized movements.

This technique is used mainly for relaxation and to improve blood circulation.

Pregnant women - 62 $ / 60 minutes, 85 $ / 90 minutes pregnan woman

Lymphatic Drainage - 62 $ / 60 minutes

This massage focuses on pumping and stretching movements along the lymph vessels.

It is helpful in accelerating lymphatic circulation and provides the ultimate in cleansing by eliminating toxins.

It also acts upon the independent nervous system ( anti-stress effect) and reinforces the immune system.

Chair Massage - 1$/min, minimum 15 min/pers Chair Massage

A seated massage is performed over the clothing for about 15 minutes, the length of a coffee break.

  • Helps to control stress,
  • Improves employee efficiency,
  • Reduces the rate of absenteeism at work,

A chair massage is usually done in the work place during special events such as reunions, conferences, or fund-raisings. Other times it is offered at social events such as golf tournaments, company picnics, parties, etc.

Reflexology - 62 $ / 60 minutes Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancestral reflex massage with its basis in natural medicine and in traditional Chinese medicine.

It consists of applying pressure to the reflex zones of the feet in order to stimulate energy and aide the natural healing process of the body.


  • Reduces stress and nervous tension
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Stimulates productivity and creativity
  • Helps the body to maintain its natural equilibrium
Orthotherapy - 62 $ / 60 minutes

This technique has many different benefits:

  • For people suffering from chronic pain
  • For people who have fallen, or been hit by something
  • For people who always feel tired and without energy
  • For overweight people with a desire to take control of their health, and to maintain it
  • For young athletes wanting to prepare their muscles for their sport of choice.
  • For convalescing individuals as a curative treatment to prevent muscle atrophy, stiffness, partial paralysis,spasms, and the joint pain associated with rehabilitation.
  • For people with limited physical activity.
  • For individuals suffering from constipation, nervousness, and stress
  • For the obese, or people with poor blood circulation
  • To help the obese, or new mothers to return to their prior weight with greater ease, by restoring muscle tone to the abdomen
  • As a means of preventing premature aging and to slow the degenerative process.
  • To relax and reinforce the muscles groups most called upon when working, thereby reducing the rate of absenteeism in the work place and improving the productivity of employees.